Journal of Economics and Management  
  Volume 16, No. 1

March, 2020

Evaluation Research on the Implementation of Talent Quality Management System in Medical Institutions


  Mei-Hua Chen  

Department of Finance, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

Bryan H. Chen
  Department of Finance, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan  

Hsien-Ming Shih

Department of Finance, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

Ming-Hsun Wu

Department of International Business Administration, Chienkuo Technology University, Taiwan




This study focuses on exploring performance evaluations before and after medical institutions in central Taiwan import and promotes a Talent Quality-Management System (TTQS). We implement the design of this study in two stages. The first stage is based on “Talent Quality-Management System Imported to Performance Evaluations and New Indicators Plan” carried out by the Research and Development Institute of Vocational Training and authorized by Taiwan’s Workforce Development Agency, aiming to adjust and modify the questionnaire of “TTQS Imported to Performance Evaluations” presented in the planning report so as to better meet the industrial pattern of medical institutions. Through the results of the quantitative analysis conducted in the first stage, important questionnaire items are drafted based on five dimensions of PDDRP (Plan, Design, Do, Review, and Outcome) of TTQS to conduct in-depth interviews in the second stage.
Based on the results of quantitative analysis, the second stage executes qualitative analysis to conduct research by means of in-depth interviews. Sorting and exploring the information obtained from the interviews reveal that if the establishment of an organization is equipped with a complete training process and system, then organizational staff people can achieve their targeted accomplishments following training, and all departments can better communicate with one another in order to come to an agreement, thus helping the organization enhance its operations. This study finds for medical institutions importing it that TTQS provides them, management-wise, with sound systems of internal and external training, which allows the departments to communicate smoothly and reach a consensus. The results of this study not only can help medical institutions to substantially promote their manpower performance, but also can allow related appraisal units to refer to the TTQS plan when offering different counseling projects for various industries based on their needs, in order to successfully spur industrial talent cultivation.




Keywords: medical institutions, Talent Quality-management System, performance
 evaluations, in-depth interviews



JEL Classifications: M12