Journal of Economics and Management  
  Volume 16, No. 1

March, 2020

A Novel Social Media App Performance Evaluation Model

  Chun-Min Yu  

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan.
  Yi-Jing Zhuo  
  Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan.  

Tai-Shan Lee

Department of Cultural and Creative Industries, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan.




The performance evaluation matrix (PEM) is an effective method that uses data from customer feedback to evaluate a system’s operations and to identify critical-to-quality items that need improvement in areas including e-commerce, social media sites, digital learning systems, and applications (Apps). Many studies show how PEM is able to improve an entire system’s operating performance. Herein, we use a simple user-friendly questionnaire with a seven-point Likert scale to collect data, aligning the PEM evaluation standard with the idea that total quality management requires continuous improvement. In order to resolve this issue of sampling error in the questionnaire used to gauge customer satisfaction and importance, we introduce the confidence interval of the evaluation indices to perform statistical hypothesis testing. First, the study divides PEM into four evaluation zones according to the evaluation criteria. Second, based on the intersection formed by the confidence interval of the two indices, we use the locations where the points fall on the matrix to evaluate whether a service item needs improvement. Third, to make the best use of limited resources, we rank items that require improvement by level of priority. Fourth, to increase the convenience of utilizing PEM, this study designs an evaluation table and proposes rules for construction of the evaluation matrix diagram. Finally, as Instagram is one of the two largest social media applications with the most significant growth in users, we take it as a case study to demonstrate implementation of the proposed approach.




Keywords: Evaluation index; Confidence interval; Statistical test; Performance Evaluation Matrix; Social media App 



JEL Classifications: C12, M11